New Screenplay adaptation of hanala's best-selling illustrated memoir

​​​The gifted daughter of Holocaust survivors survives zany parenting, addictions and bad dates to become Hollywood's 1st TV life coach in this adaptation of Hanala’s best-selling, illustrated book (2006) and her TV show (1983-2000) depicting epic partying, dysfunction, recovery and transformation.

“Hitler spoiled my parents for regular suffering. No matter what happened to me, it happened to them worse. Shrinks would call my mother narcissistic, but all I know is --
if she isn't cold, I don't need a sweater.”

Montreal, 1960s, Traumedy Central. Li’l Hanala, coping with ADHD, inherits PTSD from her narcissistic mother, Mania. Ferocious, funny Felix, Hanala’s father, tries to save the family by killing the TV with a hammer, “Staring at screens will ruin society!”

Alan Thicke stars with Hanala on a Canadian TV show and a hot affair later, invites her to star on his new sitcom. She drives to L.A. to discover Alan’s married and has cast another actress. Hanala’s homeless in Hollywood.

After being busted by Goofy at Disneyland for weed and serial drunk dating, she moves in with a motivational speaker who punches her for drinking. Hanala wins big on a game show and moves out. She gets an acting agent, gets yelled at by a director for being wasted on set, and managing her stress with vodka, Hanala knocks over a Christmas tree at a Beverly Hills A.A. event. Suicide Prevention hangs up on her.

Hanala gets sober in A.A. and becomes an inspiring TV life coach and Aerobics pioneer (Marlon Brando and Eddie Van Halen are fans), writes a memoir, produces Comedy Wellness (200M YouTube views) and co-writes Elvis & Nixon with The Princess Bride.